This year we are doing things differently again, instead of a single conference event in one location, Bob and Bex will be taking a day of behaviour change and progression ON TOUR and sounding a call to action to better plan and support home exercise, because home is where the dose is, and dose is vital if we are to make headway with exercise sufficient to reduce falls. In addition to our face-to-face tour dates Dawn Skelton will be having a recorded informal chat with Bex about how the World Falls Guidelines are relevant to you.

This single day of learning is designed for PSI’s and OEP leaders because the content will focus on implementation of FaME and Otago but anyone delivering exercise to older people could benefit from the topics covered.

The main learning aim for this day is for you to feel more confident to support home exercise plans, and better plan for more progression into your FaME, Otago and/or seated (skilling to stand) exercise journeys.

Key points for learning form this day:

  • Practical input, circuit format designs and conversations as part of session delivery.
  • Improving outcomes by improving adherence (with and without us).
  • Evidence on why and how ageing has changed.
  • What has changed and what hasn’t – what do we need to challenge?
  • Evidence on home-based exercise (as standalone (e.g., Otago) or adjunct to reaching the dose – why won’t they do it.

At £60 plus VAT, we’ve tried to make the day as affordable as we can. For this reason, we haven’t added any drinks or catering, so please bring your own lunch.

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Alternatively you can contact us if you would like to host a learning day in your workplace/location