LLT Chair Based Exercise Resources


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Chair Based Exercise Resources

LLT are the founders of evidence based chair based exercise for older people and have been delivering this training award for many years.  Due to this we frequently receive enquiries about resource updates so we have now made the manual resource available for purchase.

In 2011, and as a direct result of the new CMO Physical Activity Guidelines for Older People published at that time we updated the content of our CBE training and the ‘Sit Tall, Stand Strong Chair Based exercise Programme for older Adults and Disabled Adults’ manual resource was created and made available for use by other training providers. This means that If you completed your CBE award with us before 2011, there are considerable updates since the 2011 edition. Further to this in 2017 we made further edits and amendments to this resource to support learning and effectiveness of the delivery of the programme, this includes; removal of warm up stretches (as a result of emerging research), additional teaching points and tailoring, and a single sheet simplified overview of the whole programme.

The new editions of the ‘Sit Tall, Stand Strong’ programme are now available to existing LLT qualified CBE leaders at a cost of:

Option 1 – £40 + (VAT & Postage):

  • Knowledge manual
  • Practical manual
  • Exercise summary sheet

Option 2 – £20 + (VAT & Postage):

  • Practical manual
  • Exercise summary sheet

You will also receive access to the CBE portal page to review the CBE video tutorial with leading examples.

* Please note only one set of resources can be ordered per LLT qualified CBE leader.

To order CBE Resources please contact the LLT Administration Team – info@laterlifetraining.co.uk, or telephone 01838 300310.

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