Vision and Falls



For a range of professionals who deliver exercise or physical activity advice to those with vision impairment.

This one hour webinar will introduce you to the role that vision has in both maintenance of good balance and falls risk. You will be guided through the different eye conditions and what these mean to peoples vision and ability to engage in physical activity and exercise. Research into interventions for those with a range of vision impairment will be explained and specifically, what can be learned from these interventions in terms of your practice in delivering and adapting exercise for those with visual impairment. Different support strategies will be needed for home based exercise to group based exercise. Finally, some useful resources you can follow up on will be shared.

Learning outcomes for the webinar are;

  • identify the different types of and reasons for vision impairment
  • review the vision related risk factors and their effects on balance and falls risk
  • identify the range of interventions which can reduce risk of falls in those with vision impairment
  • the role of physical activity and exercise to help improve confidence and reduce risk of isolation
  • develop a deeper understanding of the changes in practice that can support someone with vision impairment engaging in both home based and group based exercise.

This one hour Webinar carries 1 REPS point.