Understanding participation among recently retired people (Sport England 2009)

Sport England commissioned research in 2009.
The aim of this research was to significantly improve understanding of the determinants of participation in sport and physical activity, in order to better design interventions that will engage people in lifelong involvement in sport and physical activity.

Download the report here.

Advising an older person to become active – do we know what works?

Advising an older person to become active – do we know what works? Advice from the BHF NCPAH based on evidence and published in 2008. Key components of successful practice · Use of a health educator and an extended consultation time · Assessment of problem areas · Recognition of readiness of change · Goals agreed…

Recommendations for promoting the engagement of older people in preventative healthcare

Evidence based recommendations for promoting the engagement of older people in preventative healthcare. These recommendations were put together by members of ProFaNE. The full paper is available from BMJ Quality and Safety in Healthcare. L Yardley, N Beyer, K Hauer, K McKee, C Ballinger, C Todd. Qual Saf Health Care 2007;16:230-234 1. Raise awareness in…

Get Moving Nottingham – LEAP Project

The Local Exercise Action pilot (LEAP) programme was an exciting public health programme funded by the Department of Health, Sport England and the Countryside Agency to test out and evaluate different evidence based ways to increase physical activity levels in the community. Nottingham involved peer mentors in their pilot, read the evaluation here.

Activity Friends – Nottingham

Activity Friends is a volunteer programme for the over 50’s designed to help people achieve a healthier lifestyle through increasing physical activity and befriending to alleviate social isolation. Volunteers are trained as ‘Activity Friends’ who then reach out to their peers in their local community. Support and encouragement is given on a one-to-one or a…

Cotswolds – Mentors to support active living

‘Enjoy Later Life’ is a peer mentor training programme that enables volunteers to work with older people to support independent living. The report will highlight the successes of the training, points for consideration in the subsequent training programmes and opportunities for further development. In addition, this report will highlight the health benefits for the Cotswold…